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Handmade Layered Hoop Moonstone Earrings
Handmade Layered Hoop Moonstone Earrings - click to enlarge

Handmade Layered Hoop Moonstone Earrings - click to Enlarge
Handmade Layered Hoop Moonstone Earrings - Inset 1 - click to Enlarge

Handmade Layered Hoop Moonstone Earrings

Selected Editor's Choice by Inside Weddings Magazine

Rings layered in threes are embellished with clusters of moonstone. Feminine appeal accenting the lithe line of the neck, from earlobe to collarbone.

Available gemstones: Moonstone (white), Aquamarine (blue), Rose Quartz (pink), Peridot (green), Carnelian (orange), Labradorite (gray), Iolite (purple/blue), Smokey Topaz (brown), Amethyst (purple), Freshwater Pearl, Black Onyx, Garnet (red)

  Our Price: $70. Retail value: $120.
Shown to the left in Moonstone
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Length from bottom of ear wire: ~ 2 3/4 inch
Gemstones: ~ 1/8 inch in size (varies slightly)

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Handmade Layered Hoop Moonstone Earrings


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